The Downtown Writers Jam Podcast

Two writers. One hour. Join me as I interview writers about everything that went wrong in life that led them (and me) to the written word.

Things I Want to Say

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The Geeky Press Writing Collective

I launched The Geeky Press in 2014. By  2017, we had more than 325 on our Meetup list, 65 people participate in at least one of our writing retreats, more than 150 people submit work for our anthology books and our literary magazine, and we partner with the Arts Council of Indianapolis on monthly happy hours.

Editor & Director

Carnegie Mellon's ETC Press

I’m the editor + director of the ETC Press, a publishing imprint with a twist. We publish books, but we’re also interested in the participatory future of content creation. We are an academic, open source, multimedia, publishing imprint affiliated with the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).