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    I've written books. Sometimes I'm writing books. Other times I'm just writing on things.

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    I worked as a senior + story editor for national magazines. Now, I help fiction and nonfiction writers develop their work.

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    And I work with small- and mid-sized companies to develop their content with design thinking and strategy sessions.

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Things I Say

"We Are Not A House Divided"

My friend KT Peterson and I embarked on a writing challenge on August 4-5: write 10,000 words and the read an excerpt from it. The title of this piece is "We Are Not A House Divided."

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About That Thing You Ask Me About Hillbilly Elegy

That's where the single narrative becomes so dangerous. Because people don't know the history of the region, and they don't understand its problems. Yet many of those same people have a great number of preconceived notions they aren't afraid to unleash.

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What We Mean When We Talk about Infrastructure

The Appalachian region faces an uphill battle to survive. But that's how it was designed. If the region -- and its people -- have any chance to prosper, it'll come from the most boring of places: infrastructure building.

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The Curious Case of Explaining, not Excusing

As I sat down down to write this book, I was faced with this strange tightrope act: I wanted to write a book about why Appalachia and its people ended up as they have, but I also needed to acknowledge its sometimes brutal and horrible history.

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Roger (& Jared & J.D.) and Me, or Breaking Appalachia

The things that have always sustained me, and carried me through the darkness, and given me a world with color: the writing, and the voices, and the stories. I've found my voice in the wilderness. I've found other voices in the wilderness.

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The Great Writing Adventure Begins 

The next chapter starts tomorrow: a move to Pittsburgh, a new job, and two years to reignite my writing career.

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Fitzgerald, in Volumes

Whenever I see Fitzgerald in the bookstore, I can't but recall fondly how his books taught me to write.

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Why I Write: Mariah Ivey

Indianapolis poet, spoken word artist, and MC Mariah Ivey is our first guest on the new series "Why I Write."

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207. STEPHEN KING: The desk

If that sounds bad the best I can offer is that it is not. Those swells remind me that whatever part of me is broken, there is another part that isn't.

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"To This Day"

Shane Koyczan "To This Day" http://www.tothisdayproject.com Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously.

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Ten Years, or My New Job

Larry Lessig once said he liked to work on a problem for ten years before moving on. I've been teaching for eleven. And so it's time to move on. Here's what is next.

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So Far Appalachia: The Myth of the Rural, White Working Class + Voting Against Their Self Interest

After two hundreds years, the choice between the do-gooder who ends up stealing you money and the asshole who doesn’t care whether you live or die is pretty simple: I’ll take the asshole every time

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If you're interested in keeping up with my writing projects, I’ll overlook your bad judgement on that and instead say thank you. A writer's life blood is readers. Without you, I'm just a crazy guy sitting in his office furiously screaming on the page for no reason. So not to put any pressure on you, but everything now depends on you
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