The Last Days of Disco (in Prague)

Today has been a lazy day, although "lazy" is a relative term considering how much we’ve walked the city. By 530 pm (Prague), we came to the realization that the 7 1/2 hour train ride to Budapest tomorrow is going to be a welcome relief from the walking.

Prague_Brad_Tim Still, we’ve had much fun. We met Tim, one of the guys I used to work with at Varsity Television in Austin, for lunch at a little Lebanese restaurant called Club Cestovatelu. It was an inspired choice (we all ate well and didn’t have that post-lunch nap feeling to fight off. Thanks hummus!!).

Tim left Austin and came to Prague a few years back to attend the experimental film program at one of the local universities. His girlfriend is studying animation, which means sometimes completely different in my world. We do things like 3d animation, motion graphics, interactive design. For Tim’s girlfriend, that means puppetry (although I am sure it means something far more weighty than I have just described; that is a failing on my fault).

As luck would have it, he’s leaving for Germany tomorrow to sign a lease. He’ll be teaching at a prep school (1-10), something I know he is excited to do.

After we parted ways, we headed over towards one of giant parks. We got a bit sidetracked at Petrinske Sady, a little enclave in the midst of the the park area. The clouds looked ominous, though, so we decided to high-tail it back towards home. After getting caught in the downpour in Germany, none of the three of us were excited by that possibility.


Then we came across this fella (and three of his friends). The peacocks were out, hidden in the trees in this little outdoor garden in the Sady. We almost missed them because we were worried about the rains.

Once we saw this fella, though, it was pretty much on. I chased them around (and by chased I mean, I snuck like they were going to attack me and they simply watched me, disinterested) and took pictures.

The highlight: as I snapped my last picture, somebody slammed a window closed. I assume that was the sound of a peacock attack and nearly fell over trying to back away (so that I could turn and sprint at the same time).

The peacocks remained disinterested.

Prague city breaks
Prague city breaks

Prague seems like a lovely city and from reading your tales it also seems to be somewhere you can meet a lot of interesting people. A few people have told me that Christmas is the best time of year for Prague city breaks but I am worried about the cold. Will the beer keep me warm enough?


I don't drink so I'm a bad judge of that. I hear it's cold there, but I spent NYE in Berlin a few years ago and it just felt regular cold to me...But man: Prague is a great place to visit for sure.