A Bittersweet Goodbye to England

My time is running short here in England. My bus leaves for the Luton airport at 10:18 am and I’m on a 1 pm flight back to Berlin.

I’m quite sad actually. This has been, by far, the most active traveling I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many great people and had so many great experiences, I hate to put it all behind me.

There’s no way to say thanks to everyone because my memory sucks, my business cards are packed and I don’t want to say things like “that dude at the conference” and “the girl who I talked to at that place where the thing was”. So this is an incomplete list of awesomeness.

  • Big thanks to Katz, the power behind b.tween, who asked me to speak at her conference, which started this whole madness at South by Southwest Interactive in March;
  • Fiddian, Alex, Alfie, Mark, Rebecca and all the people who I had a chance to interact with up in Liverpool;
  • Nina, who befriended me in Liverpool, road the train home to England with me and proceeded to introduce me to 1) Soho, 2) the Soho Theater and 3) the London theater scene;
  • Katie and Matt, who took time out of their travels from Dayton, to have coffee with me in London;
  • Laura and Tim, my old Loveland friend and her husband, who grabbed a quick bite with me (and offered me a bed in their home in Northampton – gonna happen);
  • Mei and Chris, who I first met at South by Southwest Interactive, then Liverpool, then The Globe (well, Chris) and then at the Tweet Up. At some point, we’ll actually do that interview;
  • Sarbjit, the coolest find I had on the trip, thanks to Mei and Chris;
  • Tony, the coolest Brit I’ve met who keeps turning up everywhere that I do, which is the sign of a good, emerging friendship;
  • Joanna, who I never met at South by Southwest Interactive, but finally met at her job at The London Times (and yes, I told Fiona that I was pissed that all the really smart girls are taken);
  • Fiona, my love from South by Southwest, who set up the Tweet Up, my lunch with Joanna and the lovely dinner tonight.

And those are the people who just jump off the page. There were so many friendly faces, incidental conversations, out-of-the-blue experiences (my Welsh cab driver, for instance, who is going shark driving) and other-worldly connections. *Sigh*

I’m really so lucky to have so many wonderful people circling my life right now. There is just no way to tell you all how grateful I am to have seen you again, met you for the first time and crossed paths with you.

I hate that I’m getting on a plane, leaving them. But also anxious to get back to John and Aimee and then on Friday, back to my other life in the States.