Home…For Now

I’m still trying to get used to the fact that I woke up in Kentucky this morning.

Not that it’s bad being home. I love the fact that when I say hello to people on the street, they smile and say hello back. I love hearing the sweet twang of my life echoed in the voices of the people around me. I love walking the banks of the Ohio River.

Heck, even the adjustment home, time zone wise, was much easier coming West than it was going East. Despite the 14 hour travel day, I fell asleep soundly at 1045 pm and was up moving at 7 am today.

I do love the life that I have here in the CVG even if it’s not as glamourous as country-hopping through Europe.

Now I’m faced with the reality of life though.

I have an apartment to pack, an office to pack, a move to schedule, dentist and doctor visits to cram in before my health care goes away (my NKU contract expires at the end of June) and a summer class to prep.

Not to mention the books that need to be worked on. I’ve decided to spend the mornings writing and my afternoons working at school (a decidedly unhappy conclusion that I’ve come to).

The next 6 weeks will be decidedly less fun — but more fruitful — than my last 5. This is the ebb and flow of life, I guess. It can’t all be cafes and pleasure or else I wouldn’t enjoy them so much.

Still I have coffee tomorrow with Mary Jean and dinner with Stephanie and her awesome kid on Monday. Father’s Day dinner with the family at some point this week (we never really do things on the day that everyone else does — which may explain me a little bit).

The world, it seems, just keeps on turning. So I’m  going with the flow. Wherever that takes me.

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