Hank is Going to Hell

I’ve been hearing about this show for some time. Since I don’t have cable I missed out until it hits Netflix Instant Streaming. (Because I would never advocate going to Bit Torrent and downloading — illegally, I might add — material that should rightfully be controlled by companies, you know, just like the Founding Fathers believed. Happy Fourth.)

Now I’m 2 episodes in and fairly certain I’ll spend another night on the couch, watching the greatest show ever made. Wondering why I am not in L.A. writing for Showtime. Or in New York writing self-referential novels. Somewhere writing.

Either way it’s nice to be around people I know. People I like. People I get.

Thanks Californication. For reminding me about all the things I love about being a writer. All the things that I’ve forgotten in the last few years. The things I’m starting to remember.

(And mom, dad – DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS. SHOW.)

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