Makin’ Muncie

It’s T+1 in the Hoosier state. I’ve been a resident for just a bit more than 24 hours and my towne home is 95 percent unpacked.

My parents actually arrived at my place before I did, setting up the kitchen and things. I was coordinating the move from Covington, which consisted mostly of me chatting with the movers while they hauled out the boxes and furniture. Once we all arrive, my dad and I put the Ikea furniture back together (it was much easier than I remembered) while mom made lunch.

I think I spent more time hanging pictures frames today (25 so far) than we did unloading all the boxes yesterday. All in all, I don’t think I can complain too much. (Although despite its country location, I’m still dealing with a little "move-in" music in the complex, which I’ll be dealing with tomorrow. Let them have their fun tonight.)

The place already feels like home: two stories, a reading room, a den, a bedroom and a gigantic living space on the first floor. Heck, I have 3 bathroom in the place, which I have to admit feels a bit like overkill considering I won’t have that many people here on a regular basis.

The location is great too, no more than 1.6 miles from most of the things I’ll be doing here in town: school, shopping, parks, coffee shops, parks. I’m also located right between two of the feeder roads for the town. That’s going to come in handy, I suspect. No long drives just to get to an access road.

I’ll post a video walk-through of the place tomorrow after the cable guy shows up. And after my first BBQ. Which I’m attending tomorrow.

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