The Return

It’s day one back at the job, a return that I actually found to be far more pleasant than I would have imagined. I’m not accustomed to this warm feeling. I had, actually, dreaded today so much because of my life before now.

In previous years, a return to my work usually was also filled with some sort of dread. Mostly because my escape was just that…leaving behind some wrong, some hurt, or some unfinished something. It was a pattern for me, like people who push themselves to the limit only to get sick just as they complete a project.

The addict side of my brain new just how far to push before breaking. (And this says nothing about the drama and chaos that would swirl around the people I chose to keep so close in my life during those days.)

Needless to say, the dread I felt welling within (so much so that I returned to the Denver airport 5 hours before my flight because of the impending stress) never materialized. I was thankful to see my students today. I was greeted with a hug from my friend Jenn. Pleasant conversations all around.

These little moments filled my heart with a joy for life that is hard to describe. I just wanted to grab everyone, give them a little shake and say thanks. For nothing in particular.

This is that shake.

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