Fear and Loathing

We have a weight problem in the USA. But it’s not the type of which you may be thinking at first thought. Please allow me to explain why de-emphasizing (while not ignoring) the scale is the best way to achieve metabolic health – including, but not limited to – weight management success.

I’ve been blessed to have over 20,000 hours of clinical experience in multidisciplinary intensive lifestyle intervention program leadership and design in some of the nation’s top institutions, working with amazing patients. My Bachelor of Science major was in psychology and I’m a recovering binge eater who at barely 5’7” tipped the scale at over 200 lbs by 19 years of age. I hit my record high notably after bingeing 40 lbs onto my 162-lb bodybuilding competition-torn body in just one month back in 1989.

That summer I remember feeling like I was going to die of heart failure from the combination of massive salt and processed calorie intake. And in 2007 I actually did almost die after a night binge on pizza (2 large with ham) so severe that I vomited a large volume while sleeping on my stuffed belly.

I woke up to what seemed a nightmare, unable to breathe and realizing quickly that I was self-asphyxiating, alone in an apartment and unable to dislodge the vomitus in my airway. That was until, right at the brink of losing consciousness, I jolted backwards rapidly slamming my back into a wall to try and dislodge enough cheese, ham, refined flour and tomato sauce to gasp my way back from the precipice. It was a harrowing teeter to the threshold between this and the afterlife. Afterwards, the shame was immense, until I finally opened up and went public about my binge eating disorder in 2017. For natural and harmless weight loss treatments check these resurge supplement customer reviews.

Binge Eating Leads to Tragic Death

My youngest brother Basil never got over the shame about his bingeing nor what was at one point his 380 lb beautiful body and soul. Even with a weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy), he only felt a temporary, surgically derived “bandaid” of relief, lacking being able to cut to the core issues (what I call our Mind Matters).

Basil is no longer with us. On one January 2017 early morning after bingeing on pizza – just like me in a sad romantic irony – he severely vomited while sleeping. He clearly struggled for air based on how we found his body. But he did not stop at death’s threshold. I miss him dearly and daily. May God rest his soul.

Scale Weight, BMI, and Human Self-Valuation

With that blend of personal and professional background, you can imagine I have a keen sensitivity to anything that might even unintentionally lead to a human valuing themselves whatsoever based on their scale weight or any of its derivatives, like BMI (body mass index).

BMI is a “fancy” sounding weight assessment tool best applied to large population (especially phone-call based) surveys where all that can be practically asked of and collected from a participant is their height and weight. BMI is not intimately correlated with body composition, a much more accurate assessment for metabolic health risk. Particularly over short periods of time (and considering many people are “obsessed” with “quick weight loss”), weight and BMI have only a fairly crude relationship to calorie intake versus short-term sodium or carbohydrate intake or even retention of fecal matter, for that matter. Learn more about metabolic supplements from the following article https://thehealthmania.com/Metabolic+Greens+Plus+Review.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I am a practitioner of science. I know better than most what health risks are associated with metabolic obesity (by “Metabolic Obesity” I mean to reinforce that better methods exist for body composition – aka “weight” – assessment like DEXA body composition analysis, among others). And while we could dive deeper into what better ways there are to assess “weight,” particularly body composition analysis, the point I wish to make here is different.

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