Berea College

I spent the last few days at Berea College, digging through the Appalachian Feuds special collections. There was some good information there. It’s mostly filler material, the backdrop information for the story. But I have 200 pages of material coming to me.

The drive down was spectacular. While some folks complain about the flatlands of Indiana, I am enthralled by the spaciousness. I could easily find myself on a patch of land, along a state route, away from civilization. It’s breathtaking.


Clearly I have watched too many Hunter S. Thompson documentaries.


The Boone Tavern is one of the country’s historic hotels. It’s an amazing place, just minutes from just about everything I did in Berea.


I was shocked by the room. It was simply lovely (and the bathroom was amazingly large). I camped out on the bed and did some prep work the night before.


In the morning, I drove down to the main visitor’s center. To be honest, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of information there. The night before (and every Thursday), there was a bluegrass singer. The visitor’s center is smack dab in the downtown, a quaint little area with dozens of shops.


I arrived on campus at 11 am and made my way to Hutchins Library, which is off in the distance. The special collections staff is about the nicest groups of people I’ve ever met (even if they had just shipped off a bunch of documents to Clay County).


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