South By 5…(46 of 90)

It’s been a long day, but there’s but one full day left.

I’m too tired to be sad. And too far behind in my work to worry.

At some point this evening, I’ll need to get my Media Ethics lecture finished (although it’s possible that will have to wait until tomorrow and instead I’ll put up my Thursday lecture, which isn’t mine. It’s Larry Lessig’s.) Currently I’m awaiting the last of my videos to upload so I can send off my AEJMC Tech Meme column, FIVE GOOD MINUTES, a series of vlogs with some of the smartest people I know.

And I’d like to get some sleep since I’ll be co-hosting the Accelerator tomorrow for six hours. Delirium is a bad way, I understand, to host an event.

Still, too much great stuff to do and too many smart people to track down is a high-class problem, as a former work colleague used to say. Because today was another beautiful day.

The highlight was spending a few hours with Dave Ferguson, the director of the Center for Media Design, who is in town for dual purposes. We had the chance to grab dinner before we each sprinted off in different directions. Two hours that flew by far too quickly.

Funny, of course, that we had to fly 1,200 miles to have time to get dinner. Then again, that’s the nature of the modern technology fast track. The world may be flat, but the travel still takes time.

While this isn’t the most compelling blog post ever, it’s certainly going to need to suffice.

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  • Jules Pieri March 19, 2010   Reply →

    Hey Brad, I just discovered you because you were a moderator at the Accelerator. (Well done!) My company was a finalist in the Social Media Business category. Daily Grommet. At the risk of sounding self-promotional (which would be a fair accusation, I AM a startup CEO after all), I'd like you to check out our business, and my blog. What we do would be very useful for you in your research on how new media and storytelling intersect. That is ALL we do, all the time, and expect to change the world in the process. My personal blog is http://www.julespieri.com

  • Brad_King March 19, 2010   Reply →

    Hey Jules:

    No need to pander to the moderator, the event is over 🙂 Glad you submitted and joined the fun. This year's event was really amazing. I emcee'd last year so I have some perspective on this 🙂

    It's an interesting concept, although I am not sure it's entirely what my book is about (and I wonder if I should be offended that the only men at your company are technology folks).

    However, I do teach a social media course that I think is training people to work for you 🙂 I'll showcase this in my classes and class twitter stream. I love the idea.

  • Jules Pieri March 19, 2010   Reply →

    Fair enough…I don't really know your research of course. I was speKuuuulllaaaating. Thanks for sharing our idea with your students.

    And you absolutely should be offended at the lack of men in our company. It bugs me too–have had a stream of rockstar women show up, but am eager to hire more guys. Three of our top six customers are men, after all! On the converse, I've never pointed out the reverse all-male phenom in 90% of the startups I meet (and Accelerator finalists/judges/emcees). No one does. Except an alert women's studies minor like yourself, would. 🙂 OK, now I am going back in my box.

    And…send your trainees our way. Always looking for young talent.

  • Brad_King March 19, 2010   Reply →

    Nobody really knows my research. It's pretty weird stuff 🙂

    And I generally point out homogeneity in companies (and find myself in trouble often because of that). Just an observation with that many executives.

    I have already sent your company to a few former students of mine 🙂 And you're in my RSS Reader. No need to go back into any box – you are now stalked 🙂

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