Richard Garriott de Cayeux, creator of the Ultima franchise

Dungeons & Dreamers tells the epic story of the rise of the games industry from its geeky roots to its mass market dominance. None of us who were there at the beginning had any expectations it would rise to overshadow all other communications media combined…but it has. Today, what started on tiny machines as an homage to our paper gaming roots, now leads all other creative media in reaching a global audience, impacting society and generating revenues.

“Yet what was once easy work on simple machines has become hugely complex. Large teams work for years on machines and projects so complex, that no individual team member knows all the details. Even with all the growth, only a few of the best share the spoils of an ever more competitive arena. As for me…I am proud to count myself among the earliest contributors, and one of the few long term survivors!”

Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex and the Program Director, Denius-Sams Gaming Academy at the University of Texas at Austin

“Most people think social gaming started with MySpace and Facebook. Dungeons & Dreamers puts the lie to that myth. The community of gamers that led directly to the online social space we inhabit today got it’s start in the 70s, grew in the 80s and became a phenomenon in the 90s. The authors of Dungeons & Dreamers dig into the work of Richard Garriott and the team at id Software to offer readers a unique historical perspective on the birth and growth of the community of gamers that created the gamified world we live in today.

I lived through the history the authors recount – in fact I was lucky enough to have played a small part in that history. Yet I learned something new on every page of Dungeons & Dreamers.”

Anthony Savini, director, Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary

“You wouldn’t expect the first chapter of a computer game history book to be about a pen and paper game, but once Dungeons & Dreamers points out the connection between D&D and , it’s hard not to see everywhere. From Doom to Madden NFL, from Ultima to The Elder Scrolls, Dungeons & Dreamers connects all of them brilliantly with one game, and that game is Dungeons & Dragons.”