On My Father Missing My Posts

I spoke with my dad today. He lamented that he’s already missing my daily posts.

My family has (begrudgingly) accepted that I live in the meta-verse. I exist online in a far more real way that I do in the real world. This has it’s ups and downs. I’ll leave you to debate the merits of those things. For my father, I suspect it allows him a window into my world, one that is hard enough to get when you’re around somebody every day. And we are not.

The daily posts won’t be coming back. Not any time soon. It’s time to get on with my actual writing. School will be finished on Saturday (grades are due) and I’ve dedicated this summer to my writing.

That means less time online. Less time blogging. Less time Twittering.

This summer, it’s all about the words. And the stories.

But I promise to call more, pop.