Two Years Ago

Sunday, May 11, 2008. Mother’s Day.

I don’t need to look up the day. It’s etched in my head. When you call your parents from jail, you tend to remember those days.

That day would be the first day of my sobriety, which in 2 days will have reached 2 years. I promised my mother that day it would be. But I didn’t believe it. I believed it less as the days wore on and my mental and physical state become more precarious with each day.

I know it scared my parents. It certainly scared my mom because she couldn’t fix it. All she could do is watch and listen and hope.

It’s gotten easier on all of us, I think. We can now go a few days without a worried phone call, something that didn’t happen for much of that first  year. We have fallen back into the best parts of our normal lives, at least in regards to my alcoholism.

It’s not a perfect Mother’s Day gift, that normalcy, but it’s the continued fulfillment of a promise I made to my mom two years ago. And when I call her later today, it won’t be because I need to. It will be because I want to.

Happy Mother’s Day ma!