The Chronicles, Vol. 1: Where I’ll Live Next

I’m early in this process, but I’ve been scouting around the Greater Indianapolis area to find the place that I’m going to live next. I love Muncie, but it’s simply not a place that I’ll find much of a social life. And the plan is to develop one of those.

As part of my plan, I’ll be doing some scouting runs in Indianapolis. Checking out places while I train for my upcoming marathon.

The leading candidate: Broad Ripple Village, which is just south of Meridian Hills on the map below. Off to the northeast of the map – Castleton – is the road I’d take to Muncie. I timed it today: 57 minutes with no traffic.

Ideal? No. But the community is really cute. A mix of Austin and San Francisco. Lots of health nuts running around. Cafes and parks. You know: things for an old sober guy to do.

Check out the Broad Ripple Village Things To Do brochure. (PDF)