So New: In Which I Workout at 5:30 am (2 of 90)

I love athletics. And I love working out. I’ve never been one of those people who dreaded the gym or physical activity.

Which isn’t to say I’ve always been diligent about it. But I am now.

What I’ve never been good at has been working out in the morning. I could always find some reason to get started a bit later. I’d tool around the house until it was time to start the day and before long, I’d find myself working out in the evening.

This is mostly well and good except I feel so much better after I work out that starting in the evening seemed like a waste. Yet each time I decided to turn over a new leaf, I’d smack the snooze and remind myself that I could always start tomorrow. (Yes, tomorrow. Much better than to…zzzzzzzzzz.)

Inspired by a friend who gets up every morning (sometimes at 4:30 am) to do either Bootcamp or spinning/running, I figured now was the time to stop hitting the snooze.

Today I hauled my ass out of bed at 5 am, got dressed and headed to the YMCA. For the record, that picture was taken AFTER I left class – at 6:30 am – because there weren’t enough lights when I arrived. After 45 minutes on the bike, I headed over to the Cardinal Greenway and ran my 4 miles.

It feels great. Right now. I’m sure I’ll get sleepy later on the day, but pilates should fix that. If not, I now have all day to think of something else to do with my time.

Aloha means goodbye.

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