So New: In Which I Interview the (Co) Founder of Twitter (10 of 90)

I left Wired in 2002.

There were jobs in between. A book. MIT. But I really built my career at Wired and I’m beginning to realize exactly how long ago 8  years is in modern time. Not to ruin the ending, but it’s a long time.

These days, I’m a professor at Ball State University, nestled in tiny Muncie, Indiana just about an hour northeast of Indianapolis. It’s a wonderful life. I love my students. I love my colleagues. I even love my administration.

But I do, on occasion, miss being in the middle of things. I miss chasing stories. I miss covering the world of emerging technologies as they smash into the culture. I miss being on the pulse of the Next New.

So I was thrilled on Friday to have the chance to interview Biz Stone (@biz), the epically cool co-founder of Twitter.

He was on campus as part of the Letterman Speaker Series, hosted by BSU graduate David Letterman. As part of that, the university gathered 25 students in LB (Yeah, that’s the Letterman Building) 121 to listen – and participate in – an hour-long session.

I’m sure the video will be posted in the next few days so I won’t spoil it; however, my pal Sean happens to be the vice president of communication for Twitter and he didn’t disappoint. He gave me the inside scoop on Biz’s life outside the office. (“How do you know all of this,” he asked as the session close.)

And if he holds true to his word and comes to South by Southwest Interactive next year, I promised to take he and his wife to The Salt Lick.

No matter, though, because for just a bit today I had the chance to get back in the game. And it was good.

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