So New: In Which I Go To First Friday (20 of 90)


I’ve always lived in cities where artists were everywhere. Austin, San Francisco and Boston. I’ve even arranged most of my big travel around the writing and art.

And yet. I’ve never really indulged in the artiness of the towns I’ve lived in.

Until now. Tonight I went to First Friday, the art galley walk in downtown Indianapolis on Massachusetts Avenue, one of the main hipster streets in the city. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But it turned out to be amazingly fun.


Thankfully my friend Megan went with me, which made for an enjoyable evening.

We started off at The Frame Shop (See my Yelp review), a cute little 2-room store. The best part: the dude in the back playing the piano. The art was nice. The decor nice. And the people were nice.

We cruised after a bit and walked past some of the street musicians who were playing on the street. I’m not a big fan of most music, but it was kind of nice to have the backdrop while we wandered around town.


Mostly we were hungry, though, so we needed to fuel up for the rest of the evening.

Fortunately,there’s a Yats location on Mass Ave. (See my Yelp review.) This is important because when we visited The Jazz Kitchen, Megan was quite excited to point out the Yats location there.

Great food, she said. You gotta eat there. Great food.

While I had to wait a few weeks, I have to say the food was pretty good. I had the red beans and rice, which I’d recommend to anyone (assuming it’s on the menu, which rotates on a daily basis).

After dinner, we headed to the Art Bank (see my Yelp review), which is the Epicenter of activity on First Friday (at least as far as we could tell. I’m so glad we made it here. The little nooks and crannies were perfect to display all the art.

I don’t even really feel badly that the only thing I bought at the art show was a book about Steve McQueen written by a Ball State professor in the film department. After all, words are art too. (That’s what the lady who sold me the book said so it must be true.)


We ended the evening at YoguLatte (see my Yelp review), which Megan initially pooh-pooh’ed until she came across the goodie bar. That’s the place where the chocolate, the cookies, the sprinkles and all the other little fixings that go on top of the fat-free yogurt lived.

Once that happened, there was absolutely no denying this was the “greatest idea I’ve ever had.”

The night flew by, I have to say. Five hours (including drive time) went by in the blink of an eye. I think we’re both sold on the idea of returning next month.

And if Megan’s not, she will be when I show up on the First Friday to bring her back downtown.

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