So New: In Which I Survive TedxCincinnati (25 of 90)

I wished I had Brad King as a professor in journalism school. The Ball State University professor is a fellow researching how new technologies impact story-telling. He reminded the crowd that no one is a digital native. – TEDxCincy showcases think power, Laura Baverman in the Cincinnati Enquirer


It was a good day at the TedxCincy conference.

There’s simply no way I can thank everyone, but I’m going to start at least: the awesome crew who made this event happen (Mary, Michael, Emily and David), the volunteers, the other speakers, the Ball State University Center for Media Design folks, my students and former students (Rhett, Becky, Logan), my friends (Kevin, Dacia, Elizabeth), plus all the wonderful people I met (Katie, Suzanne, Meredith).

There were truly amazing speakers, people who just simply blew my mind. Here are my top 5 in no particular order (leaving out Dhani Jones, who was also spectacular):


It was an amazing day filled with so much wit and intelligence. But I’ll be honest: I haven’t ever been this nervous to speak at a conference.

As the crowd streamed into the Aranoff Center, I spent an hour pacing back and forth behind the stage. I’m sure I drove the other speakers crazy. Or I would have had they also not been going through their own rituals. (My favorite: Dr. Parr doing Yoga!)

Walking off the stage after my 9-minute talk, which flew by despite my concern I would forget everything I was about to say, I felt great. The weight of the world off me. (A feeling I heard echoed by the other speakers.)

The best part, though, was the tremendous feedback I received on the topic of my storytelling venture. The idea of creating a transmedia, blended fiction/non-fiction environment across the state of Indiana piqued the attention of the crowd.

There were even several overtures made to work with me on similar projects in Ohio. Which, of course, may not happen. But that’s okay. Because this is all new for me. It’s enough to have simply survived day one of this new direction in my life.

And to do it amongst friends, smarties and a hometown crowd.


Hey Paul: the talks will eventually be up at the TedxCincy website.

Jason Hurley
Jason Hurley

Brad, I was at TEDxCincy today and I agree with a few of your top 5... however I'd easily rate your talk in the top 5, if not top 2 or 3. Your way of presenting and your visual representation of it kept me interested and wanting more. Granted, I work in and am passionate about technology, but my Dad isn't and he agreed that your talk was fantastic. Thank you for sharing! Jason


Thanks Jason. I'm glad that you -- and your dad -- enjoyed the talk. This is a big switch for me in terms of my research and career so you all witnessed my first talk on this subject. It's nice to know it went over. Hope you'll spread the word about: :)


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