So New: In Which I Eat at Mesh (29 of 90)

I’ve fallen in love with Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis, which I suppose isn’t very difficult to do since there’s so much happening in the area. Theater. Restaurants. Art galleries. Ice cream. (The ice cream cannot be under-rated. You should trust me on that.)

I’ve grown to enjoy it a bit more than Broad Ripple, which seems a bit more college-like in its atmosphere (although to pigeon-hole that area entirely as that wouldn’t do it justice) and definitely more than Fountain Square, which is a bit run down.

Every time I’ve ventured down, though, I’ve walked past restaurant called Mesh – which has large glass windows and a gorgeous awning over the front door – and promised myself I’d get down there soon. Last Friday, I finally found my way down.

I met my former student Tiffany for dinner after work. The place was absolutely gorgeous (see my Yelp review here). The hardwood floors, plush seats and smooth wood tables were just my style. I wasn’t quite sure what the menu would be like, but it was both inexpensive and interesting. (Save room for the fruit pie. You’re welcome.)

The scene was a bit odd. It was a bit younger earlier in the evening (we stayed for about 3 hours), nut as the night progressed, there was a definite older vibe happening. Which is just fine by me as I don’t really have any interest in loud, drinking environments when I’m trying to eat and hang out.

The best part: right next door to the Theater on the Square and just a stones throw from the frozen yogurt and the cupcake stores.

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