Scenes from TedXCincy

A huge thanks to the photographers roaming the grounds during the TedXCincy event. You can check out the entire group here. Here are a few shots of my stalking the stage:

My opening discussion about how story 3.0: Telling Stories


The beginning of my discussion about the ideas of Vannevar Bush and JCR Licklider, which give us the outline for how modern stories can – and will – be told.


The final portion focused the idea of distributed stories, pulling narratives apart and placing them in various locations – and mediums – so that people have to physically move through stories.


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  • Anna Singh October 29, 2010   Reply →

    Brad, we loved your talk – is there anyway to get your presentation? Or even get you to come to us?

    • Brad_King October 29, 2010   Reply →

      Thanks Anna. The talks are supposed to be up this week, but I suspect there will be delays. It’s hard work and the organizers have day jobs 🙂

      That said: I’d be happy to talk about coming down there to talk with you folks.

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