So New: In Which We Get Fancy in Indy (35 of 90)

I’ve come to accept that I’m a little bit snobby.

I don’t know how this happened or why this happened. I only know that it did happen. I’ve accepted it, embraced it and moved along. But I’ve been hard pressed to find people who are willing to join me on these escapades as a Fancy Lad in the City.

Fortunately, I’ve met some neat folks in the area and last night, a friend and I spent the evening bouncing around Indianapolis indulging in such snobbery.

We started off at the Corner Wine Bar (see my Yelp review), a cute little place in Broad Ripple. I’d been through the place last month when I met up with a few Twitter friends in The Wellington, a bar attached to the wine bar.

It really is an amazing little place. I’m positive I’ll be dragging my laptop down there this weekend for some writing. If I can’t be in Europe, I may as well go to Euro-places.

We ordered a 3-cheese plate (get the Brie if you go, and you’re welcome), and noshed while we swapped stories. It’s a quiet little place and the time flew by.

We made our way across town to R Bistro (see my Yelp review), a chef-owned place on Massachusetts Avenue where the menu changes every week. Like the Corner Wine Bar, it’s a funky space. Where the wine bar is dark and romantic, the bistro is light and airy.

The place is just conducive for fun. You can’t go there without feeling a bit sexy, like you’re part of the in-crowd. While I certainly won’t be writing there – it’s not that kind of place — we ate and laughed until there was nobody left in the restaurant.

Not ready to call it a night, we made our way just a few blocks up the street to Forty Five Degrees (see my Yelp review), a super-snooty sushi place that doubles as a hipster bar in the evenings. We stayed for a bit (I drank half a pot of coffee) before calling it a night in the city.

And I already can’t wait to get back.

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