So New: In Which We See The Rocky Horror Picture Show (36 of 90)

A few days ago, I wrote about the special place The Rocky Horror Picture Show holds in my family’s lore. So tonight as my friend Hillary and I settled in to the festivities at the Irving Theater, I was pumped.


But I don’t want to rush through the story, which began during this week’s Glee episode that features seven songs from the movie.

As soon as the show ended, I began searching for places that still showed Rocky in the Indianapolis area. No problem, I figured, since it’s Halloween.

Ball State was having a showing, but I wasn’t too keen on hanging out with a bunch of students on campus this weekend. I posted as such on Twitter and in just a few minutes, a work colleague posted a link to a showing at the Irving Theater. I sent a message to Hillary, who was down for the show and the plan was in motion.


After a great dinner at Capri Ristorante (see my Yelp review), we made our way to the theater. The doors opened at 10:30 pm, but I was told we might want to get there a bit early to avoid the line. So we did just that, where we were promptly marked as Virgins since it was our first time at the show.

(Aside: I have an amazing picture of Hillary that I have been banned from posting. She looks awesome, but you are now subjected to my silly ass picture. I apologize for that.)


We made our way in, snagged two choice seats in the center pews and watched an amazingly terrible zombie movie until the festivities began at 11 pm.

The night began with a costume contest. There were a good 50 people dressed up out of the 300 or so who were there. (We fell into the “Let’s just go enjoy this” group.)

Then they called up the Virgins.

We recited a Rocky Horror Picture Show oath. Then we were given frozen ice penises that we had to take around the room to have people simulate masturbation. We were asked to keep track of the number of people who did that.

After a short time, we were brought back to the front of the theater where we were separate into two sections: the winners (more than 20 people, Hillary) and the losers (less than 20 people, Brad). The winners knelt on the ground and received a Golden Shower from Rocky; the losers were forced to eat a Doughy Muffin.


After the initiation, we returned to our seats, sat back and watched the show.

Of course, you can’t actually hear and of the dialogue as the actors – an there are live actors who do the show – scream out lines between the actual lines of dialogue. And you sing. Everyone sings. (And dances to The Time Warp, which I rocked.)

We threw rice. We threw toast. We threw Scotties. We blew noise makers. We covered our heads with newspaper.

We spent almost five hours with Rocky (including the hour-long drive back to Muncie to the Glee soundtrack) and we’re already planning our costumes for the next trip. (Hint: I’m going to be Riff Raff; I’m going to guess that Hillary will be this character.)

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  • lizwebpage October 31, 2010   Reply →

    I worked at a movie theater all through high school. They played this as the midnight movie, even back lo those 100 years ago. I’ve seen this movie 55 GAZILLION times, and it’s still entertaining (depending on my mood). I cannot BELIEVE you were a RH Virgin! They show it every weekend in Harvard Square! What are you, dude, Catholic? 😉

    • Brad_King November 1, 2010   Reply →

      Almost nobody ever confuses me with one of the religious bent 🙂 I’ve apparently been busy. I will never, ever make that mistake again. I’ll be going to this ALL THE TIME.

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