So New: In Which We Have a Night of Dinner and Jazz in the City (37 of 90)

I love jazz.

In every city I’ve lived, one of the first things I do is seek out the jazz clubs where you can have dinner, a few drinks and an evening of jazz. There’s simply nothing better in the world.

I’ve been lax so far but this weekend I re-started the search.

My friend and I headed to First Friday, the monthly downtown art walk, but the snow and cold weather scattered most of the vendors. After a few brief stops, (my art bank Yelp review and my The Frame Shop Yelp review), we went to Agio (see my Yelp review) for dinner. I’d eyeballed the place the last few times I’d been to Massachusetts Avenue. There’s always some torch singers playing and I’m a fan of that. And the interior looked intriguing in a Roaring Twenties way.

The food was okay. The company was wonderful. The best part of the place: the lounge bar with the singer. I wish we’d have just stayed there.

Fortunately, there was more good music on the horizon.

After dinner, we headed to the Chatterbox Jazz Club (see my Yelp review) where we saw Jared Thompson and Premium Blend put together three amazing sets. The club, which is small and smoky, was packed the whole night with an eclectic crowd of people bopping their heads to the saxophone and trumpet all night long.

We had so much fun that even as the smoke grew thicker (and more annoying), we couldn’t pry ourselves away from the music. By the end of the night I had a splitting headache and a smile on my face.

While I won’t be going back often to the Chatterbox (I can’t handle the confined smoke – in case you hadn’t noticed), I’m glad I stumbled upon a place that showcased such an amazing band.