So New: In Which We Go To Bonge’s Tavern (38 of 90)

I’ve been plotting a trip to Bonge’s Tavern for a few weeks, but my plans kept falling through.

That fact was disappointing me because I’d heard nothing but amazing things about this place, which is odd considering it’s in the middle of nowhere.

How in the middle of nowhere, you ask. Check out this map and see.

It’s roughly 45 minutes from downtown Indianapolis and 45 minutes from Muncie. Which doesn’t seem so out of the way until I give you two more pieces of information.

The first: it’s an hour from downtown Indianapolis to Muncie, which means the trip to Bonge’s is 30 minutes out of the way; the second: it’s buried off the main drag, along a series of state routes that eventually lead you to a telephone pole with a hand-written sign on it that says “Bonge’s Tavern” to let you know you’re not lost.

Let me tell you: the wait was worth it. (Read my Yelp review here.)

It’s a quirky little joint, for sure.

The tavern itself looks to be a house (see the picture) in a little country neighborhood. The only distinguishing element: the giant Christmas string lights.

Once you arrive, you wait in what appears to be the mud room of a house. The instructions on the door: Please wait here to be seated. The servers come to the entrance and call you inside, where you’re taken to one of the dozen or so tables there.

Everyone is amazingly friendly. Even the customers chat with each other at times.

The menu is partially fixed (the pork chop, the steak) and partially rotating (we had the mahi-mahi). All in all, there’s about a dozen pieces on the menu. (Tip: Make sure you try to tomato soup. And you’re welcome).

It’s a little bit pricey – about the same as an upscale meal in Indianapolis – but well worth it. Certainly better than Agio, which we stumbled upon last week.

And, if I do say so: the best of the Something New restaurants.

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