So New: In Which We Write in Cafes (39 of 90)

I’ve been derelict in my writing.

I wish I could say that I haven’t been avoiding it, but the reality is I’ve let my life and school get between me and the words. It’s created a weird angst within me, the calling that usually comes before I cut the reigns and find myself roaming the countryside looking for what’s next.

I’m trying very hard to avoid that this time. I have a good life here in Indiana and the opportunity to do some amazing work.

So my former student Tiffany dragged me out into the city for a night of writing at cafes. Her charge: find us places to wander throughout the city. I have to say: she did an amazing job.

Our first stop: Henry’s on East Street. (See my Yelp review here.)

The ever-diligent Tiffany had printed directions for us, which we promptly ignored as we got lost. We somehow turned a 1-minute walk into a 20-minute escapade, although truth be told those are usually the best times. Only the ominous skies kept it from being entirely enjoyable.

But we made it inside before the rains came.

We plugged in and started working at 3:30 and stayed until just before closing at 7 pm.

Our next stop: Calvin’ Fletcher’s Coffee Company. (See my Yelp review here.)

I loved the set-up of the place. It reminded me of the eclectic places I used to find myself in when I used to cafe regularly. It’s a shotgun set-up, long and skinny with one large couch area that looks like a living room.

The coffee was great (as was the cookie). The only issue: a musician randomly set up and started playing. Which is annoying when you’re trying to write.

But it was near closing time anyway so we decided to pack up one last time.

Our last stop: Mo’ Joe Coffeehouse. (See my Yelp review here.)

This was, by far, my favorite of all the joints. That is it directly behind the Cosmopolitan on the Canal made this even cooler.

The place, which was nicely divided up into 3 sections, had just enough flavor to feel like a cafe and just enough space to allow you to work without being blown away by the music. That’s a hard atmosphere to create, but one this joint certainly had.

Without a doubt, I’ll be driving down on Fridays (and maybe Mondays) to write.


It was definitely a great night. We spent nearly 7 hours writing. Some of which was actually spent writing. I hammered out the outline for Unhappen, something I’d been struggling with for some time. Tiffany pushed through her block and wrote.

It was definitely an epic writer’s win.

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