The Summer of Run: An Addict’s Journey


I’ve been contemplating this for several weeks, but I wasn’t sure where I stood until last night. As I hiked through Palo Duro Canyon, it struck me that I wanted to turn this summer’s adventure into something more than just a blog.

As I first thought about what this might be, I struggled to wrap my head around how this would be any different from other long-form projects on the market. (Not, mind you, that I plan on going through a traditional publisher.)

Added to this is the fact that: I’m not a strong runner; I’m not a nutritionist; and I’m not a motivational guy. In other words, I have a story about running that isn’t about getting better, improving your performance, or changing your life.

That’s a pretty awful running book.

What I am in a recovering addict. As I tweeted a former student the other day: “I’m just a recovering addict trying to live what I have left better than I what I lived before. Nothing more.”

So that’s what I’m writing about, much as I’ve written about here on the blog. I’ve kept much of the long-form writing to myself, though, using the blog as a jumping off point for my thoughts and ideas.

The project – The Summer of Run: An Addict’s Journey – will be similar to The Invictus Project, but I’ll get more into that as the details get clearer. For now, I’ll keep writing here – and I’ll keep writing in places you won’t see for a few months.

Thanks for indulging me. Feel free to drop me your thoughts, and if you find the content compelling enough, pass it along to your friends. Even your enemies. You never know.


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