The Summer of Run: From the Introduction

I’ve promised myself that I shall write on The Summer of Run project every day for the next two months until I’ve finished. I’ll post bits and pieces of it as I go. Here’s what you get today, from a draft of the introduction.

This describes a hike I took along the Palo Duro Canyon road during one particularly sweltering evening. It’s the moment I decided to write publicly about my trip.

As I walked along the canyon road, snapping pictures of the amazingly beautiful (and strangely green) landscape set against the burnt, brown soil, I happened to look at the road. I was halfway up a long stretch that winds around a series of curves. I turned and looked back to the same sight. I was almost exactly halfway up the road, unable to see where I was going and from where I’d just come. I could only see what was directly in front of me. That would have to be enough.