The Summer of Run: From “Fail Hard”

A man in Cincinnati jumped out of a hotel window. As he passed each floor, people could hear him say: “So far, so good.” – butchered joke told by Steve McQueen’s character in The Magnificent Seven

I’m taking this week to settle into my routine at the house. Tomorrow I’ll run, and begin work on the house. I’ll save the writing for the evenings. Still: there will be writing every day.

As promised, another blurb from a draft of the second essay: “Fail Hard.”

It’s a simple truism, really, that when you are light of spirit you are light on your feet. I know because growing up, I watched The Gang smile, laugh, and bond while they were dancing or while they were telling stories around the campfire while making s’mores as the moon would rise into the sky. I can remember flashes of events, snapshots of moments in time when everything just came together in that slow-motion perfection. Even in my youth, I realized what I was watching was something special although I was too young yet to understand why.

Looking back, I realize that their lives were not always filled with that same kind of momentary happiness. One couple ended up divorced. Two of the couples eventually faded out of the group, caught up with their children’s lives. New people joined and left the group, including eventually my parents. That’s not what I took from those days, though. Of course life moves ever-forward, and whatever is happening today surely won’t happen tomorrow. That’s all the more reason to make sure you when you can take a moment to make someone’s day a little better, you do it.

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