A Thought On Hearts

I spent the day discussing art, creativity, storytelling, and life with my students. I am immersed within narratives right now, drinking in their spirits. It was during one of those slow moments that I had a conversation, one muddied with the human-ness of emotions and the personal strands that tether us with the ties that bind. 

Nothing in life is easy. Love least of all. As we talked, I was very aware of my heart. Then the world became very clear to me for just a fleeting second.

The heart is the most powerful, creative tool we have. It breaks, it mends, it heals, it longs, it burts, it swells…and it beats until there is nothing left. That is art.

I am not sure what tomorrow brings, or where love ends. I only know that the heart beats until there is nothing left, and it does so without a care or worry that some day it simply won’t.

This is life.