SXSW Interactive, a Recap

I’m just back from South by Southwest, a 10-day interactive, music, and film conference and festival in Austin, Texas. I’ll get into more detail later, but I’m giving several conference recaps to various constituencies. As I work through my round-up, I’ll be adding to my notes and blog here.

A brief overview of South by Southwest

Companies from the finals of Accelerator that I thought were cool.

News-Related Technologies:

Social Media + Social Networking:

  • Thirst Labs: Uses natural language to grok meaning from status updates and social data
  • Hoot.Me: A Facebook application for developing student-led tutoring sessions

Mobile Technologies:

  • Condition One: This company created an embedded video player for the iPad that allows people to pan and scan (amongst other things) with the environment
  • Scrible: Allows you to annotate, research, and share on web pages
  • Viztu Technologies: Lets you create 3d images using 2d technology

Entertainment Technologies:

  • Wemo Media: They created a shared, virtual ocean that is being created by individual animators
  • Grandstand: A platform that turns social and mobile actions into games and visualizations

Health Technologies:

  • Medify: A search technology that allows people to sift through medical data to return relevant bits of information related to their health questions
  • Simplee: A for medical records
  • Vital Clip and Each seek to use mobile applications to track and deliver data to individuals related to their health care to help prevent relapse injuries.

Panels About:

Big Data:

Transmedia and Transmedia Storytelling

Education and Education Themes

Books, Publishing, and Literacy:

Augmented Reality:


Non SXSW-related thoughts:


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