Week 1: Maxx + the Summer Heat

Maxx and I hit the Monon on Thursday for a 6.1 mile run, his longest by more than a mile. Unfortunately, it got much hotter much quicker than I’d hoped. (Apparently I read the weather report incorrectly.) My boy was a gamer, though. He willingly stopped at every water stop, and for 3.5 miles he chugged along quite well. We stopped for a 5-minute rest and water session on the way back and again at the 5.1 mile mark.

It’s weird being the owner of a running dog. When I get hot, I can tell my running partners I need a break. Maxx, the dog, however, will just keep running until he’s overheated. Since I’m new to this game, I’m sure we stop more than other dog owners but it’s just not that important to me that we set land-speed records. 

When he sits down, I keep my hand on his skin. If he’s hot, we stay there until he cools off (and if it’s not hot, I know he’s just being a pain in the ass and I give him a minute or so to compose himself before we go).

Needless to say, he spent much of the rest of Thursday crashed out on the couch and the bed.

I gave him Friday off (he’s been at my feet ALL day long) but we’re hitting the Monon for 2 speed 5Ks on Saturday and Sunday. That will get us to 25 miles for our first week, a pretty good start to his training. (As for me, I’ll top the weekend off with CrossFit on Saturday and long 18-mile bike ride on Sunday if all goes well).

As for the writing:

I still haven’t picked up Making Digital, but I’ve worked on my thesis and two grants that are due in just a few months. Progress is made. Life moves forward. 

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