Day 10: Popping tires, lighting fires

There are no days off in 90-in-90s.

While The Girl and I planned on doing an 18-mile bike trip this AM, Broad Ripple CrossFit yesterday broke our wills. There was no 7:15 wake-up. Instead, we slept until 8:30 and then hobbled around the house.

We finally took out the bikes, and headed to MoJoes for a day of writing. I got quite a bit accomplished, which was a nice change.

Unfortunately, I blew a tire heading home. Thankfully, my gorgeous fiancee is also a whiz with the bike-thingies. After a quick change, we headed home.

Maxx hit the dog park for 30 minutes, but mostly he laid around until it was time for training. While The Girl handled that, I ran to REI to replenish the bike supplies I used up (tire, 3 CO2 cartridges) and get my savior a new water bottle.

Just moments before I blew out my tire turning on New York Street