Day 14: Maxx sleeps, we bike

Maxx spent the day zoinked on the couch — 24 hours of farm living and 30 Huttons was too much for him — but Rebecca and I hit the Monon for a 19-mile ride from Broad Ripple to Carmel. 

Events that happened:

  1. My tire, which blew out on Thursday, held up for the entire trip and then went completely flat when we removed it from the bike rack and touched the ground;
  2. This happened in front of Bike Line, as we got Rebecca new pedals and clip-in shoes because…
  3. She couldn’t keep up with me since I did have clip-ins but…
  4. My shoes have long been too tight, so I bought new shoes as well, which I had to assemble (more on that).
  5. We took the bike to the service garage, where Rebecca’s pedals were being assembled and they used the new spare tired I’d just purchased. Along the way, they showed us what went wrong when we’d replaced the old tire.
  6. (Have I mentioned, we just learned the secret to inflating our tires? The values must be unscrewed first before you can pump air.)

Needless to say: We rode 19.1 miles, spent too much money on new shoes, pedals, and tires, and today we feel like bikers. Me: I spent the afternoon (in between studying) putting together my new shoes, which comes in 5 parts and must be assembled so that the clip-ins sit level with each other (lest your shoes cause you to use different parts of each leg to pedal).

Now we’re ready to bike, which is good because I’ve tweaked my knee in CrossFit and I’m nervous about putting too many ground miles on it right now. No worries, though. I’ve got these:

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