Day 16: Revenge of Maxx

I’ve not had time to write the last two days (but tomorrow I’ve got an 8-hour block of time ready to go), but Maxx and I have hit the trail before the coming of the heat. 

Today’s epic 3.5 mile run was our fastest yet, clocking in at 9:20 miles. The only elements holding us back: the bathroom and traffic. Other than that, we were cruising at roughly 8:30 miles, which is pretty good for us. (CrossFit and biking are starting to show results.)

I’m still trying to work out my camera issue. My Android Galaxy is too large for most arm phone holders, and the only way I can carry my phone is if I strap my Nathan on my back. I may start doing that just so you can see Maxx freak out when squirrels run by. It’s worth it.

(As a side note, Rebecca and I now bike at least 30 miles per week. We bought her clip-in pedals and shoes, which we tried out today. She loved them. My new bike shoes still need a little tweaking: they are self-assembly and I’ve got to get the spacing worked out. Either way: we are bike fanatics at the moment.)