Day 18: Looking for Partners in Adventure Crime

The 100-degree weather settled in and Maxx wanted nothing to do with the outdoors. I’m getting up at 6 am tomorrow to take him out. One way or another, he’s exercising this week.

My juices are starting to kick in, though, and while I’ve abandoned all racing plans this year, I’ve got my eyes on next year. I’m definitely doing the Appalachia marathon again. But I’m also looking for some partners for rather insane events next year.

I’m trying to persuade by friend Austin to do the TransRockies, and he’s set on the Ragbrai. I’m up for everything. Interested in getting weird and adventure-some?

Drop me a line. Send up a signal. Let’s do this.


I’m dropping out of this year’s Grandfather Mountain Marathon while I get in bike and CrossFit shape. Next year, I’m back but I’m only doing adventure races. Road races don’t do it for me anymore. However, if you’re interested in a brutal mountain marathon, I’m down.

Grandfather Mountain Marathon ends at the Scottish Highlands Games, and is well worth the trip.

I may be persuaded to run this year’s Tecumseh Trail Marathon in December if I start getting back in running shape. 

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