Day 20: And Then it Rained

No Maxx running today. The rain sloshed the dog park, but we’re lining up a Dog + Brad 5k tomorrow morning before The Girl and I head to Nashville, Indiana for The Great In-Law Introductions of 2012. 

Today, Rebecca started training for a fall marathon. We joined the Indy Runners Club for its Saturday 7:30 am run. We went 6 miles, stopped for a quick coffee and change of clothes, and then headed out on a 12.5 mile bike ride. Eventually we’re going to work CrossFit into that morning as well. This was not that day.

We’ve started, though, and that’s what matters. We love our weekend fitness routine, and I can’t wait to get Maxx more involved once we get moved to the Monon.

Aside: I’ve signed up for the 5×50, an organization that’s encouraging people to run, walk, or cycle a 5k every day for 50 days. It starts in September, and I’m currenty trying to convince the girl to join me. You should as well. 

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