Day 28: Heat Index Run

On Friday, we went on a 17.8 mile bike ride because we were feeling cheeky. By Saturday morning, we’d wished we’d thought that through a little more.

We knew Saturday’s Indy Runners 8-mile run was going to be brutal because it was 80 degrees at 2 am when we had to take Maxx, the dog out for his evening constitution. It’s hard to describe the misery that comes with a trip outside in that kind of heat. Needless to say, it was hardly better at 7:30 am when we set about.

There’s little sense in recapping the run; rest assured, it was not a tremendous amount of fun for Rebecca. This was her first long run in marathon training, and it was the hottest run in the collective memory of Indy Runners. An inauspicious beginning to training.

However, we ended well. One of the nice runner was snapping pictures, and he snagged this one as we were walking away: