Day 35: Things I’m Signing Up To Do

We just returned from several days down in Brown County where I managed to sprain my wrist (Crossfit Hang Clean into Squats got me) and bruise my Achilles on a 250-foot climb (1 of 2 Category 4 climbs on the run, which in the easiest of the category climbs apparently) when I nearly tumbled over the side of a large hill while biking in the Brown County State Park.

To celebrate our fam-cation, we got up at 5 am and drove back to Indianapolis for our Saturday Indy Runners group. The 8-mile run wiped us out so we took an extended nap before heading to Broad Ripple Crossfit to watch Day 2 of the Crossfit Games with 35 or so new friends.

During the evening, we were introduced to the phrase: “Death before DNF,” which is the unofficial motto of Crossfitters who compete and finish long after they’ve been eliminated. Of course, that kind of motivation got me thinking about next year’s two adventure races (TransRockies and Ragbrai) and what I needed to do to get in shape. While I’d planned on taking this year to get in shape to train for next year, I’ve decided to try my hand at a few longer races this year:

There will be no time goals, just a little bit of running and biking to see how ready I am to go after my bigger goals next year. If you’re planning on doing any of these, let me know. We’re planning on making this a fun-filled year.

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