Day 42: The Week Maxx Got Sick

You’re never told the bad things that happen when you become a dog owner. Those you have to find out yourself. This week, we had the joy of a dog that had worms. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say every two hours for 5 days our boy had little gifts for us. Fortunately, he used the basement (unfinished, concrete, drains) so the clean up crew (re: Rebecca) had an easier job.

I spent the week experimenting with foods, medicines, and such trying to get his stomach to settle down. Today is the first day he’s been relatively normal and life at the homestead is back.

Of course, Rebecca and I haven’t slowed down. Today we ran 5 miles, biked 36 miles, and broke up the ride with 30 minutes of Crossfit Workout of the Day (WODs) and pull-up exercises. This after a 10-mile run yesterday. All told, I put 80 miles on the docket this week between running and biking, and we squeezed in 2 Crossfit classes.

I’m even back writing. I (nearly) finished one online class, and by Tuesday I expect to finalize that. John and I spoke about Dungeons + Dreamers, which we keep aiming to get back on track with, and I’ll finalize my research proposal tomorrow.

All toold, it wasn’t the most productive week but we did okay. We’re moving forward as always. I’ve confirmed my Ultra marathon in November and my trail marathon in December. And Rebecca and I still trying to decide whether we should try the Hilly Hundred just a few weeks before my Ultra and her first marathon.

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