Day 48: Run, Bike, CrossFit

Last Sunday, Rebecca and I decided we needed to kick our training up a notch. After all, we’d been going at CrossFit for about 2 1/2 months, and we were starting to feel…energized.

If you’ve ever worked out for an extended period of time, you’ll understand that feeling. When you finish a hard workout, you recover and want to get started again.

We hit the trail for a quick 5-mile run, then drove home, grabbed our bikes, and did a marathon (for us) 35-mile bike ride broken up by a stop at the CrossFit gym.

We were spent by the end of the day, and already talking about trying this again the next week. (We got so jazzed that we did the 18-mile round-trip bike to and from CrossFit on Wednesday, which was the most painful thing I’ve ever done.)

Today we hit the trail for a 7-mile run, which I did with Maxx, the dog. The weather was a cool 71 degrees, and I think he could have run forever. He certainly attracted attention up and down the trail.

(Aside: Anytime there is a group of girls, he goes and flops down right by them. I wish I could say that I trained him to do this, but I absolutely did not. I have a dramatic dog. Rebecca calls him “Daddy’s boy.” Same thing.)

After the run, I came home, hopped on the bike for a 26-mile run, and met Rebecca at CrossFit where she’d been for about an hour. She’s getting her Vibrams replaced and had to run in shoes today. Needless to say, her legs and back weren’t up for the long bike ride.

CrossFit is our new obsession, though, and we’re bound and determined to master the moves in the class. I’ll tell you this: the prescribed moves (the ones the real athletes do, not the scaled down versions Rebecca and I do) are extremely hard. You can’t do them without spending a good deal of time in the gym (at least for old, out-of-shape folks).

For instance: Today I achieved my first 2 kipping pull-ups and my first 3 toes-to-bar. (To recap: that’s 2 1/2 months of 2-times per week workouts to achieve that. Needless to say, we were high-fiving quite a bit today.)

I spend a good deal of my time in tape these days (angle, finger, and wrist at the moment) and Rebecca spent the afternoon icing, but that’s the price you pay for Weekend Warrior days.

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