Day 52: As School Approaches…

While I don’t write about writing much anymore, I’ve been writing a ton every day. Unfortunately, none of the writing is on my writing projects. I’ve nearly finished my research proposal for graduate school (which involves writing a short novella), I’ve written scores of pages for my online classes, explaining the details of my assignments, and I’m constantly writing grants for projects I’m aiming to accomplish.

In fact, I just turned in the last batch of work for 2 chapters I’ve written for a textbook on magazine journalism. (This is – I swear – the last thing I’m writing for a traditional publisher unless I’ve negotiated the contract.) Also: I sent out a note today that said between now and August 20 my answer to every query not related to school is: I can’t help you.

I say this just so everyone doesn’t think I’ve ditched my writing responsibilities on this 90-in-90.

That said: Maxx hasn’t been exercising nearly as much as I’d hoped. We get out and run about 4 days a week, but life is so hectic that we oftentimes have to double up on our exercising (e.g. running, CrossFit), which means we can’t take Maxx with us.

I despise that because I love running with him, and as I get faster (I’ve clocked two 8:10/mile times on 5-milers this week) I know that he’ll have more fun running.

This week, though, I’ve been forced to rise at 5:30 am just so that I could fit in some exercise before the day gets away from me. (This 20-mile ride at 6 a.m. nearly did me in, too. I was sick and tired by the end of the day. Fortunately, I fell asleep at 5:30 p.m.) And tomorrow looks the same: 5:30 am ride, and CrossFit at 6 p.m so that Rebecca and I can squeeze in our 12-mile run on Friday morning before we head to Pittsburgh for a relaxing 2-days with her friends.

Despite the hectic schedule, Rebecca and I stood in CrossFit this morning laughing. We’d already done speed work (me at 5.5 miles, her at 6 miles) so we were duly exhausted. My wrist is perpetually taped now as I hurt it doing the the Hanging Clean a few weeks back. Her leg was taped this morning after she cut it doing the Deadlift exercise.

“This is why old people don’t do this,” she said, smiling.

“Because they are too smart to hurt themselves like this for no good reason,” I replied.

“That’s it,” she said before we moved on to our Workout of the Day. (If you were wondering, today’s WOD was: 2 rounds, 50 wall ball tosses with a 20-lb ball, 25 push-ups, and 10 toes-to-bar. I finished in 15:02, and then collapsed in a pool of sweaty me.)

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