The Strangest Phone Call I Ever Made

This is apropos of nothing:

Ten years ago, I called a friend of mine. I hadn’t spoken to him in several years, and I don’t exactly remember why I was calling him. I know I was visiting my home, and I probably wanted to go have a drink.

What made the call stranger was that another friend of mine (I didn’t realize the two knew each other) answered the phone I called. When I asked Friend B why he was answering Friend A’s phone, he said it was his phone now. (This, my dear friends, was a LAND LINE!)

“I thought he lived with his girlfriend,” I said.

“He did. Now I do.”

“Oh. So then he’s not around,” I said questioningly. 

“Not in the manner you mean.”

* * *

Sometimes when I reflect on my life, I can’t help but wonder how it all ended up this way.

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