Day 79: Remiss in Writing, Not in Doing

We’ve been so tied up with the start of school, training, the wedding, and life that I’ve forgotten to write about the 90-in-90 even though I’ve not forgotten to live it.

The girl and I have continued our CrossFit ways: twice a week and once on the weekend. We’re debating bumping up our membership so we can go more often. Finally after 3 1/2 months of lifting things, we can lift them in the proper way. Let me just tell you: Olympic lifting gets a lot more fun when you’re strong enough to do things moderately correctly.

We haven’t been biking as much — maybe 30-40 miles a week — because marathon training has intensified. There’s just so many hours in the day. But we have signed up for the Hilly Hundred so we’d better get back to that training. (I was distressed to learn the 2-day 100-mile event is just 2 weeks before my Ultra.)

My best friend Austin said he’s been given tentative approval to be my crew for the TransRockies event, which I’ll be signing up for on Sept 1 when my first paycheck of the semester arrives. I don’t have a partner (boo), but I’ll still have the chance to do a 3-day, 60-mile race across the Rockies the very week before school starts.

Maxx, the dog has been my faithful companion on my runs of less than 8 miles. The weather is starting to cool off so he’s able to get out with me. Now that I’m running faster and doing interval training, he’s less able to slouch off. Consequently, he’s been quite the tired little puppy around these here parts.

There are even days when I’ll put on my running shoes and he won’t get off the bed. (This may not seem remarkable to you, but you have to understand: we have a running, hunting dog. For him to be “too tired” means we’ve done something.)

As a side note: I’m doing my first 20-mile run this weekend (or my first 20-mile run since last year when I decided to take a year off racing). It’s not on my training schedule, I just want to see if I can do it. My goal is to hit a 24-miler before the end of September. With a 35-mile ultra looming, I should try to pack a longer run in. (It’s always weird to think: Marathon + 9 miles…)

None of this even touches on the writing, which has been focused mostly on finishing up my classes, writing my textbook, and getting proposals in order.

Research, The Atavist, and Dungeons & Dreamers just continue to linger on the edges.

Life is like that.

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