“Going Home”

I’ve sat here in tears re-reading one of my favorite Jon Katz’ pieces about the death of a family pet.

I first found Katz after Columbine with “Voices from the Hellmouth.” Later I would teach his book Geeks in my class. Now, I sit here sobbing reading an excerpt from his book, Going Home: Finding Peace When Your Pets Die.

All of our pets are healthy and happy (Misha cat, Little Cat, and Maxx the dog), but the arrow of time always hangs over us. We try very hard to enjoy every moment we have with them (and each other) because we know.

As I watched the video below, I burst into uncontrollable – but quiet – tears. Without any prompt, boy Maxx the dog came in from the other room, jumped into my lap, and laid his head on my legs while I watched.

The power of life, and family, and love has shaken me in ways I never imagined this year. I am moved by these feelings more often than I thought possible. And even in the sadness of the message, I am thankful that I reminded by my pets, and the life in this home of ours, that every moment counts. (Even the ones that happen at 3 in the morning!).