So Far Appalachia: The Kickstarter Math

We’re heading to Northern Kentucky University tonight to celebrate the opening of a friend’s film, which was also funded (in part) through Kickstarter. I’m excited to see Revelation Trail because I came to know the film first through early drafts of the script.

John and I talked several times about the plot, the backstories, and the characters.

As we head out, I am left with the math of my own Kickstarter.

  • We have $5128 left to raise
  • We have12 days.

We need to raise $427 per day, or roughly 12 $50 donors per day until May 2.

If we don’t reach that goal, we don’t receive any of the funds so you can imagine the stress levels are a bit high around the house.

My wife, ever the optimist, continues to believe and she has remained a source of good cheer. As have the 77 people who have contributed, and the hundreds who have visited the site and sent me kind emails. (I’ve talked to several folks who are appreciative of the project.)

I have been overwhelmed by the warm wishes offered by people who think this type of project is worthwhile.

Here’s the last 12 days!

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