The Start of the Beginning

While we’ve reached our Kickstarter goal, we still have 7 days left to hit our stretch goal of $12,000. That money will be used to hire the types of professionals needed to make sure our independently-produced book is not an amateurish production.

The wonderful aspect of this process is that I get to determine with whom I work. The fate of So Far Appalachia is in my hands thanks to all of you.

Sometime in mid-June, I expect to have a production timeline in place. To reach that goal, I’ve started the first movement to assemble the So Far Appalachia team, which will include:

  • A development editor: This is the person who will make sure my story makes sense, and makes sure I’ve included the proper narrative components. 
  • A copy editor: This is the person who will make sure all the errors you seen on this site aren’t replicated in the book.
  • A designer: This is the person who will create the final layout for the print book, and develop the visual style for the project.
  • A PR firm: This is the group that will help take this project from my home office out into the world.

In the coming months, I’ll share the names of the people who have come on board to make sure this project is a success, and I’ll keep you all involved in the writing process (at least the non-boring parts of it).

For now, please help me continue to spread the word about this project.

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