Games in Film: A Tale of Two Movies

Video Games: The Movie

I just came across this Kickstarter campaign to help fund the post-production for this documentary on video games:

I’ll be donating to the cause on June 1, and you should consider it as well. I never grow tired of hearing designers and developers discuss how they made games.

However, I look forward to the day when these documentaries explore themes in the way literature histories do. I’m anxious for the genre to have its storytellers profiled.

Until then, I’m still down with this.

Dungeons & Dragons, the (2 new) Movie(s)

On a more practical, Hollywood note: There’s a dispute between Hasbro, which purchased Dungeons & Dragons when it bought Wizards of the Coast, and Warner Bros., each of which announced a Dungeons & Dragons film project.

I’m not sure where the sudden rush for D&D-inspired movies, but anytime the game is brought back into the mainstream public’s consciousness, I’m happy.

Unless that ends with a product like the 2000 film that was apparently a disaster (I didn’t even know there was a 2000 film), or the Saturday morning cartoon of my childhood that was simply ridiculous.

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