The D&D Week in Review: D&D Goes Big Bang

The portrayal of Dungeons & Dragons on television has almost universally been as shorthand to establish that the characters are socially awkward. It’s sloppy writing but when you’re trying to cram jokes and plot into 22-minutes, backstories fall by the wayside.

Still, there are some moments that are memorable. One of my favorites is on the British show, The IT Crowd.

The season finale of The Big Bang Theory was set to contain a big Dungeons & Dragons element as well.

More on the Death of Consoles

I barely remember a time when people weren’t predicting the demise of consoles. After last week’s post, stories continued showing up so I thought I’d create a little section in the D&D WiR to follow along:

I can’t imagine the console going away although I can imagine the console looking more like an AppleTV with games streamed from the cloud and a few stored locally for better connective play.

However, I’m excited to see what happens with the tablet gaming market particularly if it avoids the trap of becoming a conduit only for Angry Birds.

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