D&D: Reddit Threads, Community, and Bookstores

If you haven’t spent any time on Reddit, it’s a difficult community to explain. Suffice it to say, you enter at your own risk and you are many times rewarded with pure genius.

This thread was exactly our fear when Dungeons & Dreamers came out: that we would nerd out to the point that only the nerds could understand.

We tried very hard to make our book accessible, but as this particular 6-line,6-person thread within the larger Reddit discussion illustrates, it’s really hard to walk the line between nerd and human.

Person #1: “I have no idea what I just read. Never played Dungeons and Dragons.”

P#2: “You have been eaten by a Grue.”

P#3: “I thought Grues were Zork.”

P #4: “They are.”

P #5: “I believe somewhere there is a stat sheet for them though, our DM put them in the game as a final boss.”

P #6:They definitely exist in DnD.”

More D&D on Television

Last week, I mentioned that Dungeons & Dragons generally isn’t represented very well on television. Anthony Burch mentioned the same thing in an interview this week. He did concede that Community had done an excellent job representing the game and the people who play it.

What the new bookstore looks like

While traditional bookstores are having a rough go in the digital age, comic books, graphic novels, and board games offer specialty stores an interesting advantage: community.

The store also plans to start up Friday Night Magic again and will soon become re-certified as a “Core Store,” which will allow it to hold midnight release parties and tournaments. The store sells pre-made decks and booster packs but will also expand to single card sales.

Dungeons & Dragons, a popular role-playing game, will start tonight, as well.

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