The Monkey Do Project

MonkeyDoProjectFaceUSPovertyShockFreeQuotesStatsEach Wednesday, I spend time sifting through various social media streams so that I can find interesting people and projects who may not appear in the news.

Yesterday, I came across The Monkey Do Project, which seeks to partner with groups working in Appalachia.

As I read about the project, I was reminded of what I used to tell my colleagues and friends on the East and West Coasts: If you travel through Appalachia, you will experience life that you only expect to see in the Third World.

This doesn’t mean the entire region is a depressed wasteland. However, there are large swaths that have been cut off from the highway system, the national economy, and the technological revolution, and this has created a profound Third World-ness to the region.

The area needs more than just public-private partnerships; it also needs boots on the ground. Hence the Monkey Do Project:

The Monkey Do Project is a registered non-profit that focuses on the most distressed areas of the Appalachia. The government defines those areas as the poorest regions in our entire country.

We work as an outreach to partner up with groups, churches, organizations and other non-profits to provide for different needs–physical, emotional and spiritual–of people in those areas.